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Can I switch if

I'm on a fixed term contract?

Yes, you can always switch your energy, even if you're locked into another contract. However, some suppliers charge exit fees to leave a fixed contract early, so it's always worth double checking if you've got exit fees before switching.

Always remember, energy suppliers cannot charge exit fees in the last 49 days of a contact. So if your deal is ending very soon, you can probably move without paying a penalty.

Can you delay my switch until my deal ends?

Unfortunately, we cannot do that. Your switch will start to be processed the day we receive the application. We cannot delay your application as energy tariffs are on the market for limited periods of time, so the supplier will not be able to honour the price after a certain date.

If you're in this position and don't want to pay exit fees to leave your contract early, we suggest you wait until you're in the last 49 days of your energy contract and then come back to see what we have on offer then.

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