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When I switch

How do I make sure I'm getting a good deal forever?

Unfortunately, the nature of switching means that when you switch you cannot guarantee that you'll be getting a good deal forever. Often suppliers tease you in with low rates, only to dramatically increase your price once the fixed term is over and you're rolled onto a new deal.

If you take one of The Big Deal's collective deals we get back in touch with you when the fixed term is over to tell you to switch again. But unfortunately many people stay on the suppliers "roll-over" rate, which means they may be getting another bad deal!

But now The Big Deal's here to help. We've launched a new service called Look After My Bills. Look After My Bills makes sure you're on a good deal forever, we do this by automatically switching you to another good deal once your fixed rate ends. This means you'll never be rolled onto a bad deal with your current supplier. Sign-up once and never worry about your energy bills again.

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